Account Management


Account Management collects data of all qualified clients, including company names, telephone, email address etc., sales personnel could easily find all the information they need online.




Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation enable users to record all their existing or future marketing activities and plans. Users could easily and clearly find out information like the cost, duration etc., of all marketing events, in order to help companies market their products and services effectively and efficiently, with good strategic marketing and planning. 




Email Marketing





Supports targeted e-mail marketing campaigns by providing




an easy way to create and manage target lists, and the ability 

to create e-mail templates, send HTML e-mail, or e-mail

attachments for bulk distribution.


Direct Marketing with Intimate CRM:




Setting up targeted one-to-one strategies







SMS Integration


Integrates with the third-parthardware provider, in order to send sms to all clients.


Enhances communicationand buildrelationships with everclients, enlarging thmarketing impact and effects.







Advertising Campaign 


Enable usertdsaleanmarketing in Intimate CRM. Usercould creatadvertising campaigns, e.g. newsletter, and see how long has the campaign being launched, its budget and the effectiveness of the campaign. In order to reach desired target audience, boost awareness and generate demand. 






Find out which client uses your services the most and hathe most loyalty to you, and focus your valuable resources othese clients. 


Intimate CRM's diagram function, can help yosee the relationships and positions between colleagues in company, allowing you to focus resources othose target audiences.