Intimate CRM could individually seudifferent authoritiein each 

module for different users, for example, accounts, opportunities, email log, voice record and etc. Each team member could have their own customized authorities.


Supervisors could also decide letting which department and team members see the information in Intimate CRM, either see all records, the department records or self record only, to enhance security of the valuable information. 





Real-Time KPI Report


Intimate CRM includes real-timkeperformance indicator reports. Managers could indicate the besand the worst performances of sales, which business is moslikeltclose, and allocate resources and arrange plans accordingly. 











Email Management


Every inbound and outbound e-mailcould be storein the system, allowing management levels to check and manage the-mail records, in order to manage the business efficiently and effectively.









Call Log & Auto-Recording


Create call log reports based othe current day's, week's and month's inbound and outbound calls, so searching the numbers for miss calls became much easier.


Supports auto-recording in Intimate CRM,  which needed integration with IPPBX phone system. Managers could easily monitor and manage employees' performances in the phone and take actions for improvements if necessary.







Resources Management


Resources Management fully records team members' task and schedule, managers could manage all team members easily in areas of sales performances, their daily schedule, current handling tasks etc.