Sales Force Automation



Repository for valuable information, to understand the relationship you have with your customer, leads or opportunities working on etc., in Intimate CRM.


The system helps by processing this data, monitoring against the targets and proactively alerting the sales person with recommended further actions based on company's sales policy.





Leads Management


In Intimate CRM the database contains a table for leads.

Leads are generally classified as UNQUALIFED contacts, which no one at your company has had any contact with.


Once a call is made and the lead is qualified you would then "Convert" them to a regular account record / contact record in Intimate CRM.




Opportunities Management


Organizes all relevant data of a prospective deal, characterized by details like prospective customer, expected budget, total spending, key players in the deal and milestones, etc.


Opportunity has several phases, e.g. in process, success, pending, close, quotation sent, won or lost.  

Intimate CRM helps in each phase by "guiding" the sales representative to carry out certain suggested activities as defined by the company's sales policy.







Drill down sales wins and losses, marketing efforts or customer concerned issues is critical for analyzing a company's sales successes and failures.


With Intimate CRM custom reports and easy to use report analysis, sales users can focus on the business most likely to close, to shorten sales cycles.



Contact Management


Import and update data for customer segmentation, and ensure data integrity of company and contact records with versioning technology.


Real-time duplicate checking for all new records, to prevent duplicate company and contact entry.





Criteria Search


Users could search for clients' sales information, phone number and contacts easily and directly from Intimate CRM in anytime and anywhere, based on the criteria users entered. Giving users an user-friendly way to enhance better communications between clients.